Writing Portfolio

Telling a story, communicating an idea, and breaking down complex concepts into digestible chunks is the core of my work. My portfolio consists of a broad rage: from book chapters to blog posts to image captions. My experience as a wordsmith and my deep understanding of web communication helps my clients craft an experience for their audiences. Below is an outline of my portfolio.

Please note, many clients commissioned my writing for their private/internal use or for distribution under their brand. For proprietary and privacy reasons, I sometimes only describe the work or link to a snippet instead of the full piece. 


Website Content

The vast majority of my recent written work is in the form of web content. In the past several years I partnered with clients to re-write entire websites, create microsites, overhaul marketing-critical pages, and optimize new webpages for conversion. A sampling of client work includes,

Please note: I make every attempt to keep these links up-to-date, but web content is a moving target and the links may be out-of-date or may no longer reflect my direct work. Please contact me for the details of each project.

Book Chapters + Longform Content

I recently completed an inspiring project with One Million Degrees synthesizing the organization's history, current work, and learning outcomes. The manual, "The OMD Experience: The Who, What, Why, Where, and How of All We Do Together," will be shared with internal audiences as the organization scales. 

I was the project manager and a contributing author to "Social Works: How #HigherEd Uses #SocialMedia to Raise Money, Build Awareness, Recruit Students and Get Results." The book served as an inspiration and training guide for college leadership as they dived deeper into engaging online audiences.

Technical + Policy Reports

During my tenure with mStoner, I served as the primary author on 30+ technical reports focused on website performance. These reports ranged from five to 50 pages in length. Each report included a background, a summary of our testing methodology, and recommendations for further website development. My clients including Harvard Graduate School of Education, Brown University, the University of Rochester School of Nursing, Northwestern University, Wilfrid Laurier University, College of Lake County, State University of New York, Drake University, and more!

At work with the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy, I was the primary author for policy-focused reports including, "Improving High School Graduation Rates," "Models of State K-12 Educational Governance: Where Does Indiana Stand?," and "The Daily Schedule: A Look at the Relationship Between Time and Academic Achievement."


My career work includes prolific blogging. I have blogged—either under my own name or as a ghost blogger—for a variety of organizations and publications including, the Vanderbilt University's Undergraduate Admissions office, for the St. John's School, mStoner, Inc., ThinkCERCA, Monkey Mutt, Shorewood Studio, and MachMachines. My blogging work includes more than the viewable content: I take pride in crafting optimized and accessible metadata that aligns with best practices and industry standards. I am experienced with blogging in Wordpress, Durpal, Hubspot, and Squarespace. I also understand Google Analytics data and my blogging responds to data and trends as necessary.