How to Get a Logo for Your Blog or Business

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Whether you're just starting up or going through a rebranding for your blog/business, you're at the point where you're ready for a logo (or a new logo)—awesome! If you're a small blog/business, though, you probably don't have a big branding identity budget. So, how can you get a great logo for your blog or business? 


There are entire books on creating a brand identity and logo (and we recommend a few!), but here are a few quick guidelines for creating your own logo:

  • Keep it simple. Select one font (no more than two), one or two colors, and one primary element or shape.
  • Do not use an extremely common font such as Times New Roman, Comic Sans, or Arial. 
  • Make sure your font will be flexible enough to be used in a variety of places: on your website, business cards, social media accounts, etc.
  • Ensure your logo can be on a dark or light background, or create an alt version for these scenarios.

If you're comfortable in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, by all means jump in there and design away! Assuming design isn't your area of expertise, though, I recommend a few online resources for creating your logo:

If you want to read up on branding before you dive into creating your own logo, check out these reads:


There are some truly outstanding graphic designers on Etsy. The site will allow you to compare multiple designers, read reviews from real customers, and peruse portfolios all in one spot. Or, you can find premade logos and purchase one instantly. You could spend anything from $5 for a premade logo to thousands for a full brand identity project. My recommendation is to plan on spending a couple hundred dollars so you can work with a more established designer and have rounds of revisions available to you. 

If you're considering purchasing a logo or logo design from Etsy, here a few options worth considering:


There are sites now that allow you to bid out your design project to multiple designers. Several designers will then send you a preview or draft and you can select which designer to move forward with for revisions and a final product.

For a design contest we recommend 99 Designs. You can start with the smaller package for about $300 or you can spend over $1,000 for the highest quality and quantity options. 

Have you tried any of these methods? If so, share the result in the comments! We'd LOVE to see your logo.