Web Content Support

The vast majority of my web clients come to me because they're ready for an extra pair of hands and an outside perspective. They need fresh eyes to comb through the information they've accumulated and shared throughout the years and give it fresh packaging. They also want a partner with experience—who's worked the depth and breadth of content strategy and can get the job done. With minimal fuss.

Hi! That's me. Let's chat.


Content Strategy

If your business grew fast and furious. If you hired new staff before you had a desk for them. If you are finally catching your breath and are ready for someone to help think about the content infrastructure your team is sitting on, we'd love to be that support. 

We work with nonprofits and corporations to help comb through the mountains of content they've created as they grew and stretched and expanded. We conduct content audits and plan for the future.


Writing + Editing

You have fantastic team members who can write and edit with the best of them. The problem is this: they are busy doing 10,000 other things. Plus, they know you. They know your business like the back of your hand. And it's likely hard for them to view your organization as an outsider does. 

That's how we help. We work alongside of your team and add extra hours to your business day. And we offer your team new ideas and energy from our experiences in a variety of industries. It's a blast to write and edit for the many great clients that ask us to partner with them. We'd love to talk about becoming your partner.


Content Migration

Whether you're in the midst of an complete website redesign or you're building a microsite, moving content from one place to another isn't a basic task. To do it well, you need someone to pay extensive attention to detail, implement SEO best practices, and understand accessibility requirements and laws. 

We do that all. And more. And we have experience migrating content with some of the biggest organizations in the country, such as The Obama Foundation. We'd love to talk with you about your content migration project.